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"A Grand Adventure"  

What happens...

When you take a normal, well-adjusted family of four from their home in Kent, Ohio, and move them halfway around the world to the Marshall Islands?

Well, lots of things.

Click on the "Journal" to read about Jen's thoughts as she and the kids adjust to life in another culture. If you want to see what we're seeing, click on the "Pics" button. Curious about the Marshall Islands? Read about them on some of the "Links" we've provided. Have a question for us? Maybe we've answered it already on the FAQ page.

Finally, if you're inspired to drop us a line, you'll find out how to email us on the "Contact" page. And if you want to send us a box, or even (GASP!) a letter, our mailing address is listed there as well.



***UPDATE: We arrived back in the United States on May 23, 2008, and arrived in Ohio on June 15. We are settling back into our life and plan on making updates to the web site in the near future.




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