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2007 Snapshots
Park sign   Go Buckeyes!  

Movie day

  She's up!
First Day of school   Miss Ann  

Mr. Robin

  Microphone moment
Awards in the cafeteria   Proud student  

A serenade

  25 feet from our house
Katie at Mission Control   Surprise party  


  Before first food encounter
... and after   I'm a little teapot  

A train contraption

  Munch Madness?
a Very Hungry Katepillar   WHAT are you feeding me???  

Braiding the leaves

  An up-close design
More braiding   One end result  

The sanctuary

  On the pillars
Standing up for herself   A little late...  

A reading buddy

  Talented pals
A morning walk   Scary hotel  

A bit of irony


President Note's house

A school bus   U.S. Embassy  

THE bridge



Using resources   Island goat  

CMI Appreciation Day II


Crazy Hat Day

My Little Celebrity   Graduation Procession  

Graduation attendees


More attendees

Proud family   Impromptu hug  

Happy grad


Little helper

Rainy last day   Co-op courtyard  

Cutest little baby face


Mighty Ocean

Big shoes to fill   Ride 'em cowgirl!  

It's a pile-on!


Crafts on kids

Happy Father's Day   Yummy surprise   Fun with cousins   Seriously
First day of school   On his way   And they're off!   Bye Barry!
Extreme Measures   Busy girl   New CMI Dorms   New dorm room
Pretty flowers   Fascinated   Army concert   Giving away pencils


  One minute, she's sunshine...   The next, she's rain   Kitchen help

My handicraft attempt

  Learning a traditional dance   Getting a tattoo   Showing off

Littlest toothbrusher

  Nate's decorations   Decorations, part II   Birthday party

It takes a village...

  Lost in translation   Student barbeque   Chillin' and grillin'

First slide ride

  Lennox dinner   Not to be left out...  

Inside the Nitijela

  A picture with the clerk   Future president?    


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