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2006 Snapshots
Welcome to Majuro!  

Hotel lagoon

  Hotel pool   Our hotel room
17-mile beach  

Katie's first dip in the Pacific!

  Nate and the ocean   CMI president's backyard
Katie smiles  

Nate gets into his cupcake

  Barry and Katie   Sea turtles

Beach trip with Anabelle

  Swimming in the Pacific!   A storm in the lagoon   Our living room!

Nate's bedroom


One bathroom

  Our bedroom
Our First Majuro Thanksgiving   CMI Appreciation Day:
Waiting for the Boat

CMI Appreciation Day:
On the Boat

  Passing up other islands
Amphibious landing   Beach baby  

You thought I was kidding...

  Pretty as a postcard
Sandy Nate   Lunch  

Is that a... BOMB?

  Content in the shade
Playtime with Nate   Aargh. Crocodile for Dinner!  


  Caroling in Majuro
Outside our house   Looking left  

Looking right

  Grocery store
Grocery store   Grocery store, part two  

Buying veggies

  Johnny Cochran
College seal   Basketball court and offices  

More of campus

  R's office
Outside of church   Our laundromat  

New Buddy

  Xmas eve
Christmas day   New Year's day        


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